The images, supported by a great emotional charge, tell about the daily life of three athletes (Francesca Porcellato, italian cross-country skier and handbike athlete; Giorgio Enrico, skier; Pietro Mazzei downhill performer). Each of them uses three different Fiat Group cars (a New Panda, a Lancia Y and a Passenger transport Doblò; in addition a Ducato for the sport equipment) to drive their training location. Along the road, they meet and, ideally, they hand on the baton of the plot. The text, according to the footage, goes through the various scenes, defining what autonomy means: a precious value, both based on the name and on the brand mission.

Disability? Just a state of mind.

Fiat Autonomy advances its exciting journey alongside Martina Caironi...

Autonomy’s Advantage

All the economics advantage to buy Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo by Fiat Autonomy.

Mobility centre

Simulator, fisical test, check of visual capacity and test drive to improve your skill to drive.

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